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REPLAY Webinar: Onboarding AI for Demand Planning in 1 DAY: A Client Case Study with SERAX

By Garvis - May 31, 2021 4:26:36 PM

AI-based forecasting could reduce errors by more than 30%. However, as promising as these technologies may be, there are some current drawbacks. The most common AI solutions are primarily non-transparent (“black box”), where in the demand planning process explainability and accountability are essential. Moreover, these are expensive systems and implementation takes months and they are quickly outdated.


Opting for a bionic approach (man-machine collaboration), where the planner stays in control of both the implementation and the actual AI decision process, can eliminate these drawbacks. A “gray box” AI shows transparency in its decision trajectory and leverages the extensive knowledge and creativity of the planner.


This technology allows organizations to switch from forecasts based on past data to a forward-looking approach. It is capable of analysing a whole battery of real-time data within and beyond a company’s own business environment. Examples of such predictive data are online prices, point of sales data and social media conversations. Planning environments that include these technological innovations are better prepared to deal with changes like Covid, digitisation and increasing customer expectations.


In this 30min hands-on webinar, Geert-Jan Van den Bogaerde, CTO at Garvis, will explain which AI and Machine Learning methods best support planners and demonstrate through a client case (Serax, a large manufacturer of Home accessories) how organizations can onboard AI in less than a day.


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What will I learn?



The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Which challenges in the planning process can be tackled with AI?
  2. What are the latest technological advancements in AI, and how does bionic planning work?
  3. How can Garvis achieve same day implementation?
  4. What does such an implementation practically look like? Client Case: Serax
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Geert-Jan2Whom will I listen to?


Geert-Jan has over 15 years of experience, ranging from software engineering to business strategy to enterprise architecture, all with one underlying theme: helping businesses deliver in a world where volatility and change are the new normal. He is skilled in tackling complex high-value projects where durable solutions to complex problems involving both business and technology are required.




Watch the Replay

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