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By Garvis - Jan 11, 2022 10:15:25 AM

Africa webinar 250122 overviewNo topic has been as focused on increasing the value of a company as the inventory levels required to create the right level of service. And rightfully so as it impacts working capital as well as revenue. Whatever strategy for its stock policies an enterprise has, growth, cost leadership or providing total customer solutions, one thing all strategies have in common is that improvements can only be achieved through consistent further development of forecast accuracy. All other strategies require investments in supplier relationships or capacities. So it is literally gold lying on the ground.

CEOs and planners understand this, however, until now the road to harvesting these opportunities has been almost as expensive and time consuming as the benefits it would provide. The old ways of calculating forecast accuracy are also losing their value under the pressure of shorter lead-times imposed by customers.

Latest evolutions in technology now bring this power in the reach of every organization within 1 day. A bionic planning environment, in which the planner maintains control of the forecast using a transparent AI, gives any enterprise control over reducing inventory or increasing the level of service to the ideal level within 1 day!


On January 25th, Adetola Morgan, Engagement Manager at Garvis, will share her insights on how you can monetize AI in 1 day with such a bionic tool: with an AI-based data-driven demand plan to an ideal inventory plan with auto-replenishment.



What will I learn?


The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Why is it so difficult to get rid of excess stock?
  2. The relationships between forecast accuracy, stock levels, service, errors and cycle decisions;
  3. Which recent technological developments make a user-trainable and explainable AI possible and why does it matter?
  4. How a complete system that brings immediate value can be set up without implementation costs in 1 day while putting the planner in control;
  5. Size of the price: what’s the total impact?

Adetola3Whom will I listen to?


Adetola has over 9 years' experience in demand planning, forecasting and inventory management roles in both the UK and the last 4 years in Nigeria. Her career has spanned across various industries including FMCG, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals; in businesses of diverse scale, which has given her experience in several different forecasting and ERP systems.






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