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REPLAY Webinar: Managing Supply Chain volatility with AI: Early detection | Fast resolution | Unmachted accuracy.

By Garvis - Feb 15, 2022 9:23:32 AM

Organizations in all industries must deal with increasingly volatile demand and supply. Traditional solutions struggle to connect these extremes in a fast and reliable way. By combining the best in user trainable AI on the demand side to detect the early change in demand with the intelligence, speed and accuracy of fast planning technology, the best response to these extremes is achieved and mitigates the demand and supply chain volatilities.


In this webinar, Piet Buyck, CEO at Garvis together with Rik Nagelkerke, Director of Customer Success at Optessa and Abhijit Kelkar, Manager Application Specialist Group at Optessa, will discuss how organizations can make better decisions quickly under uncertain circumstances. They will demonstrate a joint offering through AI powered demand and supply planning software for the most effective support in a complex and changing world.


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What will I learn?


  1. Demand Planning:
    • What are the latest technological advancements in AI for planning;
    • How user trainable AI understands the drivers behind changes in demand;
    • Demand Sensing and how it contributes to a real-time, connected supply chain;
  2. Supply Planning
    • Supply planning is significantly constrained
    • Reliable foundation for a variety of essential business processes
    • Intelligent planning supporting improved user and automated decision making
  3. How the combination of Garvis and Optessa boosts resilience and agility and what does it look like in practice. 


Rik Circle 2Rik Nagelkerke
Director Customer Success - Optessa
Rik’s primary focus is to drive Optessa’s global expansion in new verticals. He has over 30 years of management experience in many sectors across the globe. Rik expertly navigates complex customer data to map production constraints to system requirements to demonstrate the compelling benefits of Optessa solutions. His expertise in manufacturing scheduling comes from his experiences as VP, Implementation of an APS company and as manufacturing plant manager and head of engineering. Rik holds an MBA and BSc, Civil Engineering from European universities.

Piet Buyck
Piet Buyck
CEO - Garvis
Piet is a global technology executive with over 30 years of success in managing and positioning high-value IT-applications that are disruptive to current practices. He is well known as an influential, strategic, business thought leader with significant achievements and expertise in artificial intelligence, demand sensing and demand planning. As CEO of Garvis, Piet is on a crusade to make artificial intelligence for forecasting easy, accessible, and explainable while keeping the planners in control.
Abhijit Circle
Abhijit Kelkar
Manager, Application Specialist Group - Optessa
Abhijit has been supporting Optessa’s customer-base through his work as a leader on the application team for over 14 years. Abhijit has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and manufacturing industry. Abhijit holds a bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University and a Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.
Watch the Replay

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