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Replay Webinar: How Syros reduces avocado stockouts and waste with the help of AI

By Garvis - Jan 24, 2023 11:13:59 AM

Discover how transparent AI has enabled Syros to step away from a manually enriched forecasting process in less than a week

Webinar 09-02-2023 timing imageBy leveraging the strengths of AI and combining them with the strengths of humans, organizations can understand what drives their demand and translate downstream insights into opportunities that unite different supply chain stakeholders and allow the organization to focus on growth instead of firefighting. 


In this webinar, Jeffrey Meulebrouck, Supply Chain Manager at Syros, will share why they decided to step away from manual forecasting and embrace AI in their demand planning process, where the planner and AI now work together to understand the drivers behind the volatility and better map demand to events, customer behaviour, and promotions as they occur. 



What will I learn?


The following topics will be discussed:


  1. Why Syros saw it as a priority to transform the demand planning process; 
  2. How Syros forecasted in the past 
  3. Experience with the implementation of AI 
  4. Enhancing the forecast with the planner’s knowledge 
  5. Forecast accuracy during the end-of-year period 
  6. How Garvis can be implemented in less than a day and applied at CPG organizations of any size 


Jeffrey Meulebrouck round imageWhom will I listen to?


Jeffrey Meulebrouck - Supply Chain Manager - Syros


Jeffrey Meulebrouck is a supply chain manager at Syros, an avocado & guacamole company that supplies to the food service, food industry, and food retail. Before joining Syros, Jeffrey had gathered >7 years of experience at Cargill in various planning roles. 







Replay Webinar

Replay Webinar

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