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REPLAY Webinar: Fuelling your Demand Plan with AI? Easier than you expect!

By Garvis - Dec 22, 2021 9:26:05 AM

Overview Webinar Jan 13

AI-based planning can reduce forecast errors by more than 30% and releases demand planners from tedious data processing work, so they can focus more on data interpretation and applying their strategic business knowledge and creativity.


It’s a common misbelief that, to leverage this power of AI, organizations need to have a high level of IT maturity and in-house data science expertise and will require long and costly implementations that put a high burden on planning teams.


However, thanks to the latest technological developments, and a process developed by Garvis called ‘Bionication’, the barrier to start planning with AI could be much lower than expected.


We are hosting a free, 30-min webinar in which our Chief Product and Customer Officer, Anupam Aishwarya, will share his insights on how a one-day implementation is possible and what a day in the life of a planner looks like afterwards.

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What will I learn?



  1. In which ways does AI bring value to the planning process?
  2. Which skills are required for (planning) knowledge workers in Industry 4.0?
  3. How to start the journey to AI based planning?
  4. How does it look like at organizations of different sizes and different levels of IT maturity? (Real-life examples)
  5. What does it mean for planners, and how does it impact their day-to-day life?
  6. What is ‘bionic planning’ and what does it mean for my planning process? (The 3 C’s of Assumption based planning: Customer – Competition - Causals)
  7. How can I stay in control and why should I adopt transparent AI over Black box?

Who will I listen to?


Anupam AboutAnupam Aishwarya
Chief Product & Customer Officer at Garvis


Anupam is a global business leader and entrepreneur with a deep expertise in forecasting, business planning and supply chain. He has over a decade of unique experience in combining mathematics, AI, and human intelligence to creatively solve business problems and create tangible value across many Fortune 1000 companies.




Watch the Replay


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