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By Garvis - Oct 25, 2021 4:53:54 PM

Overview Webinar AfricaThe environment of organizations is changing at an unprecedented rate. Digitization, boosted by COVID19, results in a complexified upstream channel strategy with increasing online sales and accelerated international expansion.


Current planning environments are challenged by these influences which means that keeping track of all these evolutions becomes a struggle or expensive. As a result, planners have to resort to applying Excel spreadsheets to more areas of their environment. While Excel is a flexible tool, it is limited in its capacities, driven most of the time by averages and cannot deal with external data.


In this webinar, Adetola Morgan, Client Success Manager at Garvis for the African market, will discuss the impact that the limitations of Excel can have on your bottom line and talk about the latest advancements that are available to keep the knowledge built in your environment. She will address how the latest in AI can make the transition easier and faster than you think and how it can match well with your goals.


Time: November 9th, 2.00-2.30 PM UTC+1




What will I learn?



The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Where are Excels mostly used in demand planning?
  2. What is the impact of such Excels?
  3. What are the latest advancements in AI?
  4. How can you migrate from one to the other?
  5. What does the world look like afterwards?
  6. How to expand on this?
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AdetolaWhom will I listen to?


Adetola has over 9 years' experience in demand planning, forecasting and inventory management roles in both the UK and the last 4 years in Nigeria. Her career has spanned across various industries including FMCG, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals; in businesses of diverse scale, which has given her experience in several different forecasting and ERP systems.







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