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REPLAY Webinar: Embracing change: Insights from a pioneer in successful AI transformations

By Garvis - May 12, 2021 2:39:06 PM

Supply chains across all industries are continuously impacted by constant internal and external pressures. For example, we see Planners are disruptively confronted with major demand spikes and a chronic bullwhip as a consequence of Covid19.


Digitization and increasing customer expectations result in a more complex product portfolio, an increased longtail and shorter leadtimes.


To keep pace, organizations have to look for new ways to deal with such changes and embrace new technologies to support their decision making.

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What will I learn?


In this webinar, Nick Lynch, Partner at Supply Chain International, will discuss

    1. The Influence of these complexities on the supply chain environment
    2. Why 70% of digital transformations fail and how to handle change
    3. Important factors to take into account
    4. Why in this transformation and future environment, the role of the planner is key
    5. How the right AI can help the planner in handling large amounts of data and an increasingly complex environment




Nick Lynch Circle-1Whom will I listen to?


Nick is an Internationally recognized expert in Supply Chain Management with a long and successful career in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and Oil & Gas. He successfully pioneered with the use of AI and Demand Sensing at Shell Lubricants creating 100 million + in savings. His passionate and innovative leadership has delivered some of the most successful transformations in leading global supply chains and is currently a partner at Supply Chain International.



Watch the Replay

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