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REPLAY Webinar: How (Not) to use AI for demand forecasting

By Garvis - May 12, 2021 1:25:09 PM

In this 30min session, Piet Buyck -CEO @ Garvis- will go through the different ways AI can help the planning department in generating more effective demand forecasts that result in reduced stock levels and better service.


He will explain why the role of the planner is so essential and how the implementation process can be kept short and simple. He will cover some of the common pitfalls causing long and costly implementations with poor results.

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Piet Buyck is a global technology executive with over 30 years of success in  managing and positioning high-value IT-applications that are disruptive to current practices. He is well known as an influential, strategic, business thought leader with significant achievements and expertise in artificial intelligence, demand sensing and demand planning. As CEO of Garvis, Piet is on a crusade to make artificial intelligence for forecasting easy, accessible, and explainable while keeping the planners in control.



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