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REPLAY Webinar: An AI Guide: From Demand Planner to Supply Chain Hero in 1 Day

By Garvis - Apr 29, 2021 4:37:33 PM

The turn towards the new digital economy, boosted by COVID-19 and changing customer expectations, results in new complexities for downstream channel strategy, accelerated international expansion, shorter lead times and a broadened product portfolio. These pressures cause demand spikes, an increased longtail and a chronic bullwhip effect, making it increasingly challenging to accurately plan for the future.
Demand planners have the insights and experience to overcome these hurdles but are restricted by time and the limitations of their current tools and planning environments.
Piet Buyck, CEO at Garvis, will demonstrate how the latest technology and AI evolution can help planners overcome these challenges and become true supply chain heroes.
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What will I learn?



The following topics will be discussed:

  1. The pressures on the current demand planning process that limit innovation and lead to inaccurate work.
  2. How planners can reclaim their time by leveraging AI to process more data faster while unlocking new insights and building relations with predictive events.
  3. The latest AI evolution that allow planners to mutually exchange insights with the systems through an intuitive, bionic relationship.
  4. Why the role of the planner in this transformation is crucial.
  5. How to make a simple, one-day transition to AI-supported planning without disrupting any current environments.
  6. How this new approach can prepare organizations to better deal with the changes at hand and translate new capabilities into a serious impact on the bottom line - turning planners into superheroes empowered by data and AI. 
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Piet Circle-1Whom will I listen to?


Piet Buyck is a global technology executive with over 30 years of success in  managing and positioning high-value IT-applications that are disruptive to current practices. He is well known as an influential, strategic, business thought leader with significant achievements and expertise in artificial intelligence, demand sensing and demand planning. As CEO of Garvis, Piet is on a crusade to make artificial intelligence for forecasting easy, accessible, and explainable while keeping the planners in control.


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