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Event: Value Chain: Supply Chain Innovations 2021

By Garvis - Sep 22, 2021 5:11:57 PM

On October 7th, Garvis will be present with a booth at Value Chain's Supply Chain Innovations 2021 event. Garvis' CEO Piet Buyck will discuss together with Prof. Serge Demeyer how Artificial Intelligence can allow planners to quickly adapt to a changing world.


This local Belgian event is hosted by Value Chain, an information channel about Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Business Software and Warehousing. It takes place on October 7th in Antwerp Expo and brings together supply chain professionals and executives across different industries (Retail, Distribution, Production, Innovation,...). Visit Garvis' booth for more information about our solutions and a live demo of our software.


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Piet and Serge"Artificial Intelligence allows planners to quickly adapt to a changing world"


Gravis' CEO Piet Buyck will discuss together with prof Serge De Meyer (University of Antwerp) the value Artificial Intelligence can bring to planners at 15.40 in Room 1: Innovative Planning & Artficial Intelligence.


The ability to plan accurately is of great importance to companies. But it is also extremely difficult: with current technology, planning is often based on the assumption that the past will repeat itself. Unexpected events obviously invalidate this assumption; the recent blocking of the Suez Canal the COVID-19 pandemic are prime examples. Garvis (a spin-off company of the University of Antwerp) provides a bionic forecasting solution that combines transparent artificial intelligence with the insights of the planner for real-time data analysis. This allows to reduce the forecast error with 30% and allows enterprises to provide a better service with less time and less stock. Garvis has a big impact on the bottom line of an enterprise and can be implemented in less than 24 hours. In this presentation we will shed some light on how a unique collaboration between industry and university allows to bring a revolution to the forecasting problem.

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At our virtual booth, we will demonstrate through a LIVE DEMO how our unique bionic system can be implemented without cost in 1-day. It leverages the expertise of the planner and allows organizations to move to a forward-looking approach that reduces forecast error by more than 30%.

Register for Session July 22nd - 2PM IST

Register for Session July 22nd - 2PM IST

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