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Webinar: Managing Supply Chain Volatility: How next gen AI lowers the barrier to start with Demand Sensing for every organization

By Garvis - Jul 6, 2022 3:34:29 PM

Learn how a one-day implementation of Demand Sensing is possible through transparent AI. Discover how organizations of all sizes can improve their demand forecasting accuracy without changes to their current planning environment.


Overview Webinar India 090822As a planner, you feel that the increased disruptions in supply and demand impact your organization. The assumption that the past will repeat itself no longer works and puts pressure on accuracy and your capability to recognize change timely. Understanding the drivers of demand becomes as important as accuracy.


Quick insights-based guidance under high volatility


Often, changes in customer order patterns are the earliest indicator of changes in demand, but they are hard for humans to perceive. AI can help here. Our models show that embracing Demand Sensing can reduce the forecast error by 30 to 40%. More importantly, these signals can provide early warnings of issues in material, capacity or trends which can help you react proactively instead of having to course-correct after the fact.


In this 30-min webinar, Chinmay Narwane, Sr. Engagement Manager at Garvis, will discuss the latest evolutions in AI that make actionable demand planning systems transparent with minimal implementation barriers. He will demonstrate through real use cases what it looks like in practice and how it can benefit your organization.




What will I learn?


The following topics will be discussed:


  1. How Artificial Intelligence can analyze order patterns
  2. What the word “actionable” means
  3. Use cases from JDE and a life science company
  4. Business benefits for your organization
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Chinmay3-1Who will I listen to?


Chinmay is a Certified Supply Chain Professional from APICS. He is an Experienced Solutions Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the supply chain industry. Over his career, he acquired deep expertise in Solution Design and solution architecture, Requirements Analysis, Business Analysis, Demand Planning, and Inventory Management. He currently works as Senior Engagement Manager at Garvis.






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