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Join Garvis in London for SCL HUB 2023

By Garvis - Jan 12, 2023 3:05:59 PM

On February 2nd,  SCL HUB will gather over 120 senior Supply Chain Executives to discuss the latest innovations and trends in the Supply Chain industry to overcome today's challenges. Garvis will be present with a booth, and our customer Tineke Kok, Global IBP Manager at JDE, will talk about her experience with transforming the nature of demand planning with AI.

This exclusive event takes place in the Hilton Waldorf Hotel in London. Contact to schedule a meeting on-site with the Garvis leadership team.


Join Garvis Session with JDE


The journey of making AI transform the nature of Demand Planning
Logo JDEOrganisations have been struggling to find an adequate way to translate the volatility of this world into better supply chain performance. AI has been seen as an opportunity but until now there have not been successful examples at scale.

In this session, Tineke Kok, global IBP manager at Jacobs Douwe Egberts, will share her pioneering journey to transform the company’s international demand planning organisations from a traditional history-based approach with APO to a new process where planners and AI work together to understand the drivers behind the volatility.  Tineke will explain the novelty of how they are combining the strengths of the planners with the power of AI and how this allowed them to blend planners’ insights with historical information and better map demand to events, customer behaviour, and promotions as they occur.
Tineke will talk about :
  1. Why there was a need for transforming the demand planning process and technology
  2. What ‘bionic’ planning is, and why this interaction between planners and technology is essential
  3. How assumption-based planning aligns stakeholders to the optimal plan based on data, real-time insights, and risk profile


Visit our Booth and talk to Garvis Leaders


At our booth, we will demonstrate how our unique bionic system can be implemented without cost in 1-day. It leverages the expertise of the planner and allows organizations to move to a forward-looking approach that reduces forecast error by more than 30%.

Register for Session July 22nd - 2PM IST

Register for Session July 22nd - 2PM IST

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