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Replay Webinar: How AI can solve the current shortcomings of S&OP

By Garvis - Aug 18, 2023 9:52:22 AM

Organizations aspire to translate the complexities of the external world into informed decisions that drive their profit and growth objectives. To achieve this, they need to align the various functions within the organization, such as sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain. 

With different objectives and performance metrics, further exacerbated by misaligned systems, these departments have grown apart. The S&OP process was introduced in the 90s to solve this sharing of information. Although once a good solution, this has now become a very cumbersome and time-consuming process unable to keep up with the continuous changes of today.  

Purpose-built AI is capable to identify the drivers of the demand for everyone in the organization, thereby creating a common language to start from, combined with insights as to where and how growth can happen, or which categories might be declining and why. In essence, the information-gathering part of the S&OP process is reduced from weeks of effort to a continuous availability of what is happening and how it is impacting the organization.  
Through ChatGPT, real-time collaboration can take place. With all the information and the underlying assumptions digitally available, anyone can query the system to get the right information or report. On top of that, scenarios can be created to see how the overall organization and different departments are impacted.  
If you want to have more background information before the webinar, you can read this in-depth article on the topic.  

Join us to learn about:  

  • S&OP Transformation: Combining ChatGPT and Narrow AI can revolutionize Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), solving the challenge of aligning sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain functions within organizations. 

  • Current Complexities: Organizations struggle with aligning various functions due to factors like decentralized sales, misaligned systems, and remote work challenges. The S&OP process has become cumbersome, hindering efficient decision-making. 

  • Digital Understanding: Shifting from analog to digital understanding using AI helps to uncover demand drivers by translating real-world events, competition, and customer behavior into quantifiable data. 

  • Real-Time Collaboration: ChatGPT enables real-time data collaboration by providing cross-functional teams with access to up-to-date demand insights. This allows departments to collaborate seamlessly and make informed decisions. 

  • Continuous Forecasting and Demand Shaping: AI-driven continuous forecasting and demand shaping based on constantly updated drivers provide organizations with proactive insights for short-term actions and long-term strategy adjustments. 

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