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Webinar: From Excel Spreadsheets to a Data-Driven Demand Plan with AI: A Case Study with SERAX

By Garvis - Apr 8, 2022 10:00:01 AM

Webinar Overview Delaware Garvis SeraxEverything an organization produces is based on the demand plan: 99% of all enterprises in the world, have hard wired the process for the creation of that plan based on the assumption that what happened in the past will repeat itself in the future regardless of what happens in the world, a method called statistics.


But if Trump and climate change was not enough, then Covid and the recent war made it clear that there is no such thing anymore as a repetition of the past. This increased complexity of consumption brings forecasting beyond the pain point of what current systems can handle, which often rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets that have grown more complex over the years.


The Garvis demand planning solution is the first Bionic Demand Planning system: it provides the planner with control of user-trainable, transparent AI to navigate real-world data and create more accurate, explainable demand plans of the future allowing planners to effectively deal with change, disruptions, and demand volatility.


Serax-OL-roundAfter a presentation and demo by Garvis, you will learn from SERAX about their unique challenges and how Garvis allows them to plan more effectively and be better prepared for growth and change. Delaware will explain how you can quickly integrate your ERP with Garvis. The very low implementation cost and strong reduction of forecast errors will also be highlighted.


This educational webinar is planned on May 5th between 13:00 and 14:00 and is free of charge.


Time: May 5th, 1.00-2.00 PM CET



What will I learn?


The following topics will be discussed:

  1. What are the latest technological advancements in AI for planning?
  2. What is 'bionic' planning, and how does it allow planners to stay in control?
  3. How can AI improve forecast accuracy and how is a rapid implementation possible?
  4. How does it integrate with your ERP and what are the possibilities of cloud-to-cloud integrations?
  5. How does this look like in practice, and what is the experience of SERAX so far?




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