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Replay Webinar: Empowering demand planners with AI and insight-based planning for unrivaled accuracy

By Piet Byuck - Oct 9, 2023 10:51:25 AM

In this increasingly complex world, demand planners hold the key to keep the organization aligned with the constant changes through the plans they create. This makes the role of Demand planning increasingly strategic within the organization.


Until now, creating those insights was a very cumbersome process as information could not be captured digitally and needed to be gathered upfront with the different customer- & market-facing parties and discussed in long meetings not based on the actual data.


Through AI, DemandAI+ is able to capture these insights digitally at the source and make them available for more accuracy and alignment at the moment they happen under the control of the planner. This supports planners not only in their day-to-day work but provides the capability to align the rest of the organization around those digital insights without any latency.


In this webinar with Wouter Labeeuw from Delaware and Piet Buyck from Logility, we’ll cover the following aspects:


  • AI for Demand Planning:
    Explore how Narrow AI, specialized in demand forecasting, operates and why it's a game-changer for accuracy.
  • Supporting Planners and Suppy Chain Managers in Their Day-to-Day Work:
    Learn how AI-driven insights enable planners and managers to capture information at the source, and share their informed decisions, leading to more accurate demand forecasts and alignment.
  • Generating Insights for Organizations:
    Gain insights into how DemandAI+ not only predicts demand but also uncovers the drivers behind it.
    Explore how these insights can help organizations shape demand by aligning strategies with market trends and customer behaviors.
  • One-Day Implementation:
    Learn about the speed at which DemandAI+ can be implemented, allowing you the opportunity to immediately assess the benefits.
    Understand the practical steps involved in this setup.
  • Integration with ERP Systems:
    Explore the benefits of integrating DemandAI+ with your ERP systems.
    Discover how standard integrations ensure a smooth flow of data.


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