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Replay Webinar: Demand & Supply planning in Pharma & Biotech

By Garvis - Jun 8, 2023 9:53:00 AM

Pharma & Biotech companies are facing their own specific challenges when it comes to supply chain planning. Regulatory compliance increasing across regions is only increasing the existing complexity of many products having limited shelf lives and synchronization of demand & supply across dosage forms and multiple production facilities.   
It is critical as a Pharma or Biotech company to avoid any stockouts since other businesses and end customers rely on these products. Therefore, it’s a difficult balancing act between avoiding stockout and not sitting on high inventory levels of highly valuable products that are about to expire.   


The latest generation of demand & supply planning solutions is capable of dealing with these complexities. Garvis is using the power of AI to make sense of the demand, whereas ABC-Plan is specialized in supply planning optimization for Pharma & Biotech companies.  


In this webinar, June Osofsky from ABC-Plan and Piet Buyck from Garvis will showcase how these 2 solutions can be combined for the benefit of the planner.  


What you’ll learn:

  • Planning challenges in Pharma & Biotech 
  • Demand Planning with the power of AI to give the planner control
  • Supply Planning specifically designed for Pharma & Biotech
  • Full cycle example - from demand to supply planning  
This webinar will take place on July 19th at 5 PM UTC+2. The recording will be sent afterwards. 

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