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Bionic Demand Planning: A more connected company to a changing world.

By Garvis - Apr 29, 2021 8:37:20 PM

The New Way Forward in Demand Planning


Even the most seasoned demand planners have struggled against unprecedented challenges in recent years. An increasingly accessible global supply chain, massive increases in the availability of consumer data, and the continued complications of the Covid-19 pandemic have brought rapid change to the process of delivering products to consumers.

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To meet the changing demands of this "new normal" and continue to thrive, organizations need to find a way to align themselves with the permanent changes in the world and acquire the capability to translate   them to insights. Unlocking the human planners' full potential and continuing to provide the best service for companies' users is only possible by putting these planners in control of the latest evolutions in AI and machine learning (ML) in a bionic way.



Opening the Black Box for Demand Planners



The limited capabilities of the current demand forecasting tools & processes unnecessarily restrict planners. Without adequate technical support, they do not have the bandwidth to effectively apply their knowledge and intuition to meet today's supply chain demands. Moreover, when the results are black box and non-explainable, they become difficult to be executed given within the ownership and accountabilities of the responsibilities of different parts of the organization.


Meanwhile, the latest evolutions in AI and ML have unlocked previously unheard-of data-processing and forecasting capabilities. However, without proper application and human guidance, there is no way to utilize these insights within an organization effectively.

The solution lies within the union of experienced, adaptable demand planners to user-friendly AI/ML systems. This bionic evolution will allow organizations to push beyond static and inflexible forecasting processes that rely too heavily on a now irrelevant past, and remove the need for implementation by handing the planners to power and capability to adjust data, processes and algorithms to align with the changes at hand.


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Illustration 1@2xGarvis, the first bionic demand planning system, puts planners at the heart of a future of demand planning that focuses on:

    • Multi-tenant architecture
    • User trainable, Whitebox AI that learns along with the planner to identify unseen insights and decrease forecast error by up to 40%
    • Multi-factor modelling that provides actionable insights at an enterprise level
    • No external implementation leading to evergreen systems informed by a semantic user-layer.
    • Reducing cost and increasing decision making efficiency

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